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  • Rachael DeLeon 3 years ago

    The Member Forum is designed to benefit you! Don't see a relevant topic category under discussions? Start a new one!

    • Click on +New Discussion. 
    • Create your discussion under the main "Discussions" category and we'll create a subcategory for your topic!
  • Elizabeth McCormick 3 years ago


    This is Liz McCormick.  I recently passed my AFC examination.  Now I am waiting to get my certification package approved and receive my certificate of completion.  I work for the US Military as a Financial Analyst, and offer my financial counselor services to our military personnel on a volunteer basis.  I spend lots of time around our young military members and try to offer them a safe place to talk about their finances.  As you can see, I totally love working and spending time with the young military members!  I look forward to growing and learning in the financial counseling career.


    Thanks, Liz.    


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